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Energy as a Way of Life: Japanese Buddhist Priests Reflect on the Ukraine and Sri Lanka Crises While Calling for Local Energy Self-Sufficiency

August 12, 2022

New Project Cycle 2021 Update

updated May 1, 2022

See our on going Eco-Temple Webinar Series here

updated November 4, 2021

New Project Cycle 2020-22

updated September, 2021

Buddhist Monks Can Foster True Sustainable Development: “New Theory Agriculture” (Kok Nong Na) for Sufficiency Economy in Thailand

June 2021

Concerning the Continued Exploitation of Forests in Northeast Thailand & the Potential of Buddhist Forest Monasteries in Creating Regional Ecological Corridors

September 3, 2020

COVID Resiliency Stories 2020

Eco Temple Group 2016 Year End Update

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